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Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum Blue Burst - Reviews Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I wanted to share my thoughts on the guitar that Patrick Hufschmid built for me recently.  I noticed Hufschmid guitars a few years back online and then more recently a friend of mine ordered one. He has been so blown away by his Hufshmid that I decided to order one myself and am very pleased I did.

I am very picky when it comes to guitars and a lot of instruments I've owned do not last long with me. I end up selling or trading most of them , I have only held on to a few guitars that I found to be the best sounding and playing. To make a long story short the Hufschmid exceeded my expectations.

At the top of my check list is the way a guitar sounds and responds as being most important.  Obviously pickups and electronics come into play and I'm pleased with what patrick uses in that regard but Im talking about the core tone of the instrument before adding anything. If the guitar is a winner then the electronics are icing on the cake. When my Hufschmid arrived the tone was killer right out of the box . Great clarity and sustain. Most importantly the natural eq curve is just right, present mids,  no piercing or thin highs, thick tight bass. Everything I look for in tone is there.

The next thing that is very important to me is how the neck on a guitar feels .Patrick requested a picture of my hand so he could shape the back of the neck to match. He really was spot on with the carve because it feels excellent , like I'm at home on it. The fret work is also top notch , Im very happy with how the guitar plays , every note rings full and clear with no buzzing !

So last on my list would be cosmetics. Patricks designs caught my eye right off the bat. In general I like super strat shapes and his take on that style is right up my ally. I sent him a picture of a blue burst color that I like and he was able to replicate it over a figured quilt top that came out great.

I would recommend a Hufschmid to anyone looking for a custom buit masterpiece !
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