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User Review

cramoisi's review - Ibanez AFD25

This guitar has t made in Japan between 1988 and 1990. It looks like normment PRS Carlos Santana. The body is mahogany and Saddle of the same race consists of five spices assembled and screwed on the body. The key is bne and possde of pearl inlays. The handle is made up of 24 cases. The MODEL mcaniques are the magnum (?) And a system that possdent locking ropes on their winding allowing a remarkable view of the agreement. The bridge is of good quality with a guide rope SETTING THE height of a dot type strat vibrato.
This has two humbuckers artfield HH-IBZ/USA manufactured in the United States, a SETTING THE volume of a three-position switch Tone Classic (bridge pickup, bridge pickup / neck, neck pickup) and that two positions of a split humbucker to single coil. The pickups have an output level lev.
The handle is a little bigger than a stratum.


The handle is a bit too wide I got that trs enjoyable to play (the counterpart of the 24 cases, no doubt!). CHAC is very easy to acute.
In terms of ergonomics, the instrument is very well equilibrated. This is scratching herself on the thigh! However, it is relatively heavy rvle. Although it is not a sr Les Paul and you can play for hours without the leg cutting ants in the thigh. But even when compared to other guitars (strat standard genre for example) it is a little heavier. This guitar sounds great.


What charmed me when I bought this guitar is the versatility of sounds that can be drawn and looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong possde sustain it. With this guitar you can get the sound of a Fender Stratocaster with slecteur of it in one position, four and five when the microphone is split single-coil position, and get the sound of the paul gibson split when the microphone is in position double. With this guitar you can do anything, the sound palette it offers is truly unique and sounds are really good quality trs. I use this guitar with a Marshall Valvestate 65 watts and an old Fender 70s 12 watts. In all configurations pte this guitar really. We can go from rock to hardos Blackos Steelworkers jazz (yes Using the neck pickup is round, it's hot)) or funky rhythms. Basically you can spend the big fat lens in its own hyper always with great sustain.


I use this guitar for some time dj and I find it truly exceptional. I love the versatility and quality of sound it dlivre. Whether clear, with a lightweight overdrive or distortion is a big happiness!
As I indicated prcdemment I find the handle of the scraper a little big.
I jou for a dozen years on a copy of strata and I thought a guitar of this type when I sold it. However, I do not regret my choice.
Qualitprix on the report it seems good. For the price it was a Start and a Les Paul with the same scratch.