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User Review

tcherno0's review - Ibanez GAX30 [2004-2017]

Audience: Beginners
-Made in china
PSND2-humbucker (bridge) + PSND1 humbucker (neck)
22 frets, rosewood fingerboard
Hardware-chrombr />-body agathis
Saddle-inning GAX
-Fixed bridge
Black-plate (purely decoration: none yarn is below)
Knob-one Volume, one Tone, a slecteur 3 positions (micro 1, 1 and 2 microphones, mic 2)

/ "\ The humbuckers have two each son: a" between "and" exit ", and the two coils are in parallelism (normal, it's a humbucker). If you want to put the two coils sries, we must dsosser over the microphone (should be self-evident, therefore, sr).


This guitar is very easy to take in hand the sound is easy rgler (2 pots and a slecteur, it is hardly easier), I s'enlve jack snaps and easily (and it takes up, while on some guitars to be drawn like a madman to remove)
the handle is very pleasing, the bridge and are easy: Mechanical rgler (mfiez you rglage the factory: the low E string is a tad too close to the handle and must be tightened: Mechanical dsaccordent who too easily)


The sound is a bit mtallique to beginners (normal is Ibanez), but once the strings are obtained rodes sound did everything correct and versatile. It has a microphone with his Plutt fat and round and another with a more clear and more specific on. By varying the Knob slecteur in shade and you get get good sounds.
The pots and slecteur make no noise, the microphones did not breath and are in good order.

With a good processer effects, we come to have the sound you want! (I use the Boss Micro BR)


In the same price range, I failed to choose a Epihpone Les Paul Special II. I tested both and I do not regret my choice because Ibanez GAX30 (wh) is:

-An original look (and carrment mortal!)
-Sound quality (much better than the Les Paul Special II my taste)
-A good finish,
The gear-solid and reliable
Almost one-rplica Les Paul, but without the license (and therefore cheaper and more original)
-An easy instrument to hand, ideal for beginners but also to make the scene more than adequate to express the musician.
A report-quality price!

In this price range, there are lots of shovels and other filthy unplayable shoes that make you ears bleed. L for about 150 was a real guitar (with a good belt and a good house, sold with)!