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User Review

Very stylish, I love ... - Reviews Ibanez HR Giger

Guitar made in Korea South

Same general characteristics as the IC400:
Full Tone Bridge II
Stopbar tailpiece and rapidly changing strings
2 volume and 2 tone controls (knobs 500 kOhm)
3-way switch like Toggle-Switch (bridge, bridge / neck, sleeve)
Mahogany body,
Set neck, short scale 628 mm,
Rosewood fretboard, 22 medium frets,
Ibanez mechanical 3x3
INLAYS pearly parallelepiped,
Binding along the handle ...

On my model, the original Ibanez pickups have been changed to DiMarzio DP192 Air Zone in the bridge and DP193 Air Norton in the neck ...

And of course, the famous finish of the late Hans Rudi Giger ...


The handle is a beautiful beast: C-section, rather thick and very wide (42 mm in the first box and 56 mm in the 22 th) with a fairly flat button "on Ibanez." This handle is definitely not made for little hands. The finish is between varnish and satin, so the feeling is quite nice and makes some stunts although it's definitely not a guitar shredder! The key is classic, good enough clear rosewood, while the high radius does not present a problem (regulars Ibanez are not left without attention!). So it's a good holder whose only fault its quality: it is very solid ... The pearl binding along it is quite aesthetic but has a flaw: It is very difficult to see the marks key knowing more than the cuboid inlays are very dark and confused quite easily with the wood of the key. Negative point: he will have to tame the neck of this guitar, especially on stage ... For my part, my predecessor had added markers in red paint on the binding, even if it does not look great, it proves to be very useful!

Surprisingly, the guitar is pretty light considering its size. It is very, very long, despite a short scale. It exceeds a Les Paul 15 centimeters, which is due to a very long body and a head ... The weight is OK but not necessarily evenly distributed. The guitar has a tendency to dive head, and it will take a bit to compensate. The problem is less serious than a Jackson Kelly for example. The game sitting is allowed, no problem ... Access to acute is okay. With my big catches, no problem, but access is a reflection of the handle: not for small mimines. Considerations imperative ...

Obvious qualities, but some defects due to the specific shape and choice of the designers ...


When empty, the guitar sounds ever! The sound is quite unusual, rather dull and very smooth, with nice low mids and a lot of power. The body vibrates a lot, which proves that a big part of the string vibration is transmitted to the body quickly, making it a rather lively guitar! Great promise coming in a good amp ...

Having recovered the guitar with DiMarzio instead of Ibanez, I'll go straight to the point.

In the bridge position, the Air Zone is doing wonderfully whether clean or overdriven sound: no screaming highs, beautiful harmonics that rain, a nice power even if it has a medium level of output, and course specific to the accuracy DiMarzio, whatever tuning (tested in drop D, C and B.!). To my surprise, on a rather serious tuning (thus Si), guitar and mic is doing beautifully, whether plans for Blues or Metal. Of course, you will not have the sound of an EMG or Blackout, but it is enough to drive any amp so energetic, clean, and very organic.

In the neck position, the Air Norton literally stuck me on the ass. What warmth and roundness ... For what plans or acoustic solos of any kind (blues, funk, hardcore, metal, etc.), the association Air Norton / Iceman works great. Lots of bass and lower midrange, and chef's surprise, artificial harmonics out extremely well. A real surprise that this guitar mic.

Middle, and my opinion is more mixed: it loses power, sound-off phases attenuating harmonic own both mics separately. On his plans clear it can fly, but it does strictly saturation brings nothing ...

In conclusion, very complementary association Air Zone / Air Norton / Iceman HRG2 is a success, a nice surprise, and provides good versatility in many styles.


I do have that for three weeks but I've played well.
It is part of a purchase heart stroke because a friend of mine was selling his stock of guitars (thank you ... the crisis), hence a price I did not negotiate (over this guitar has a history, she saw the studio and the stage ...). Also, I am an avid fan of the late HR Giger, so ... However, I have always made a mental block about Ibanez, hating all over the handle GR, regardless of the range. So I tried this guitar before buying, and I'm more convinced by the handle. So I passed the course and earned my first Ibanez in over 20 years of guitar!
I like the features are fairly obvious: the Iceman shape the course Giger finish, the sound is wonderful and the weight about right given the volume of wood ... As for the handle, it's good but not great (it not worth a handle Lag Arkane Absolute what!).
Where I am a little more mixed is the balance of the guitar and the binding of the handle which is more aesthetic than practical. Fortunately, more good points than bad!

With experience, I do it again this choice. That said, I would not put the money if it was not a friend who was selling it. But ultimately this is the guitar (with DiMarzio of course ...), knowing that the more it is becoming increasingly rare on the market.