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User Review

pierrot1244's review - Ibanez ICT700

Not know where it was made. But hey, I'm not sectarian .. The handle is quite round and resembles that of Les Paul. Not suitable to shred too but very nice and not too distracting (I'm used to flatter sleeves (various Ibanez RG), yet).


The handle is nice and comfortable, makes you want to hit power chords. In terms of ergonomics, it should condemn the guy who decided to position Strap for crimes against humanity. They are completely useless and strap detaches continuously. I've moved (one under the nose of the body, the second at the back of the neck, as the SG and Les Paul) and then nickel. In addition, the balance of the guitar I did not like the center of balance is shifted toward the handle. Ties displaced is perfect: it stands as a Les Paul and this is what I love. Access to acute is okay.


The guitar is typical "metal" or heavy rock fat and hairy. The pickups are not terrible but with a little skill, we manage to get it right. on the other hand, it is necessary to play with the volume of output. I play on High-gain amps and despite the noise-suppressor, Mr Larsen invites continuously without warning. I'll change the pickups in a relatively short time but am not yet decided on my choice. on the other hand, this machine has incredible sustain. The mahogany and neck-through, no doubt. The touches you and it resonates to infinity (or almost). I play with a very high pull (at least 13-56) and low stand strong. But as I play metal primary good and fast hardcore, which suits me enough.


I bought it used (250,-EUR) on a favorite (I always loved the mouth of the beast) but without the intention of making my main instrument. And since I, I left my other guitars, much better theory (SG, RG and RG Prestige 7 strings), in their flight cases. This guitar is not the best, most comfortable, the mics are pretty "blah", it is very heavy and yet ... She has something more elusive (and I can not define - )) ... A charming ... special say. For the mouth and it has everything I just mentioned, 700, - eur are ... well ... acceptable despite the fact that the microphones must be replaced (and thus increase the price of 200, - EUR). I have paid 250, - so we can say that the value is great. With experience, I would do this choice 1000 times! Even 700-neurosciences.