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User Review

Ibanez apart - Reviews Ibanez MC200

This Ibanez belong to my father, but I played it for many years.

Made in japan several high quality wood, this guitar exudes serious at first glance. Level look very pretty with this blend of wood and the through-line ash will be resumed later on many models. The handle is D-type profile and glued. Nothing to do with the Wizard of RG. Here we're dealing with a stick near Gibson the same time. The inlaid frets are quite discrete time-worn but what makes some hard to get hamoniques.

The bridge is fixed with drawing independent, it is topped with a beautiful plate with the logo of the brand.

The pickups are two very rare dual humbucker "super 88" who have the distinction of being molded.

There are two volumes, two tones and a three position selector.

The input jack is directly on the table and is solid but use an angled jack.


The guitar is very heavy. The wood used is certainly beautiful (nail a little less), but the animal weighs its weight and recall the good old LESPAUL of yesteryear.
The handle is when its a paradox for the brand since quite round and slow. It is cut to the rhythm and play arpeggio. The soloists will curse too big frets and keys clearly slowed movements. By against access to acute is very simple and it promotes the tapping sleeve.

Generally the strings are quite ready handle, which facilitates access to beginners. The équilbre guitar is perfect sitting as standing.


So as to be clear this guitar is not made for metal. Not the best she just explore rock leaning punk but see the "Super 88" promotes a more rounded game. Moreover, there is a predominance of bass and treble at the expense of medium. The whole lack of attack in the bridge position as in the neck or handset. As against this, find yourself a balance and roundness of each position. This is a guitar that plays in crunch.

But his playground is clean sounds or she excel in surprising ways. In any position you find material to play a lot of thing we really did not think possible on an electric. Reggae lovers will be delighted.


This is a guitar that almost 36 years! So inevitably the time to hurt him, especially at the frets and pickups that oxides.

I just testified against by the quality of other materials. In almost 40 years nothing has changed. Mechanical have held that although Gibson envy, no pitting on the metal parts (or very little), buttons, jack and all the little things match perfectly, no play

This guitar is special because of its unique look, its weight and style. Here we're dealing with a guitar not really versatile although it may address some pieces rock / punk carefree it predominates in the fat crunch and clean sounds.

Difficult to give an opinion on the value for money as it was worth in 1000 euros at its output which repésentais a huge sum at the time but I think we're in a balanced ratio to see good views of the quality of wood and metal.

This is a guitar that I recommend to collectors or those who want to stand out and emphasize the rhythm game.