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[News] Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic '50s

Squier presents the Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic '50s, a new model inspired by the classic vintage Fender Duo-Sonic.

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Looks good, too bad they don't seem to plan a version with a rosewood fingerboard...

Quote: Looks good, too bad they don't seem to plan a version with a rosewood fingerboard...

That's what I was thinking too... but it sure looks good
Well... for me, it's only a reedition of a cheap guitar by a cheap company..

I'am a bit sceptical...

what is more I don't understand well why squier rebuild it:

it referds to a vintage model that only "experienced" people know but the quality is "not good enough" for those guys.

it makes sense for us, but for a newbie... :?!:

So, who will buy this guitar?
Hard to say who will buy, but it definitely looks good - and for some folks that counts for an awful lot
They had one displayed on the (VERY crowded) Fender stand at the recent "Salon de la Musique et du Son" music fair in Paris. The finish definitely looks good -- too bad I couldn't give it a try though.
In a general way, the squier vintage series look cool.
Did you check out the test? ;)
Who will buy this guitar.

A lot of people who have small hands and who would wish to play on a "shorter" scale instrument.

By the way, Fender dropped the Stratocaster Junior, which is stupid, because a lot of kids between 9 and 13 could have used this good quality guitar to start playing with.

But ... you know ... money rules !!!