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Zaquencer, your BCR2000 becomes autonomous

German Zaq Audio worked with Behringer on a firmware update that converts the BCR2000 into a standalone sequencer.

Thanks to this firmware, owners of the Behringer BCR2000 will be able to use the device like a MIDI step sequencer without having to hook it to a computer. In this new standalone mode, the BCR2000 will offer a 32-step sequencer with 4 tracks to created any drum, mono synthe and even chord patterns. They will also be able to store up to 192 patterns and all the global settings to the Flash memory and use the internal/external clock feature, pattern chain, note repeat, global scale, transpose, wave generator and Tap Write mode.

The Zaquencer firmware will be available mid-october for 69€ and a featured-limited trial version will also be proposed. The user manual is already online, you can download it from

Here’s a presentation of the Zaquencer by Jacob Korn: