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Community Distributed Design Series

Community Professional Loudspeakers is launching its new Distributed Design Series of ceiling loudspeakers.


"Designed for high quality sound with very wide, uniform coverage, the series debuts Community's innovative Drop-Stop and Twist-Assist features, making the installation process easier, faster and safer," the company says.


The Drop-Stop feature provides spring-loaded legs to support the back-can on the included rails and C-ring, so the installer no longer needs to hold the can against the tile while tightening the clamps. Twist-Assist performs a similar function for the baffle assembly: when the loudspeaker back-cans are pre-installed into a conduit system for  later termination, a simple twist of the baffle into the back-can brings the Twist-Assist clips together, supporting the baffle assembly while the installer fastens the screws.ff


The series comprises seven products, including five full-range, standard-depth back-can models. The D4 is a 60W, 4.5-inch model; the D5 and D6 are 5- and 6-inch 100W models; the D8 is an 8-inch, 150W design, and the D10 is a 10-inch, 200W model.


Also available is the D4LP, a low-profile, shallow back-can model that is only 3.6 inches (92mm) deep, for installations where available depth is limited. Completing the range is theD10SUB, a 200W 10-inch subwoofer that provides powerful LF reinforcement for entertainment applications.


Each of the full-range models is a true coaxial loudspeaker, with a compression driver concentrically located so that high frequencies emerge through the center of the low-frequency driver's magnetic structure and cone via a precisely contoured Tru-Phase HF waveguide. This special construction is designed to provide consistent, wide dispersion up to 16 kHz, all but eliminating high-frequency beaming. Further pattern improvement is achieved by precisely mounting the low frequency driver (and its concentric HF driver) dead-center in the baffle, as contrasted to the offset designs used by others.



The Distributed Design Series can be used in 8 Ohm or 70V/100V line applications, and will be available for sale in December 2010.