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User Review

Of mono-esser ... very transparent - Reviews D&R DE-ESSEUR

Analog - Transistor (no VCA) - rack 1 / 2 width
integrated power supply 220 v - ± 18V internally.
jack in / out
Coupling the treatment with another unit by jack (for synchronous processing) if Stereo


Super simple adjustment of the frequency band, the trigger and the rate of attenuation for the desired band.
It is possible to "monitor" the frequency band, for fine adjustment.


Very clear (and transparent models that VCA) as:
- Only the insulated part is treated by the filter, not the rest of the bandwidth.
- The signal is attenuated by phase inversion (subtraction) rather than dynamic modulation (more complicated, more distortion, ...)

This explains the very high bandwidth and low distortion.


In fact, we use a lot more than just alleviating a whistling voice.
Eg voluntary mitigation of a color too aggressive of a snare drum and cymbals. The sound is punchy and dynamic and "cozy." Ideal to catch up or a game is not suitable, better than EQ.

For the alchemists of the (beautiful) Its

For comparison, I also have the De-esser from BEHRINGER (Suppressor DE-2000), but the setting is coarser, more difficult and less transparent.