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User Review

Super instrument to ride - Reviews Maui Xaphoon Xaphoon Pocket Sax in C

I bought this piece of plastic on thomann, a little intrigued and interested in the idea of ​​having a reed instrument pocket.
Since it is the other plot, because it is easy to lug around! This instrument does not fear nothing so it has little qualms about leaving out or trainer.
The sound of xaphoon is amazing for its size, somewhere between that of the clarinet and saxophone in addition to sweet (unlike a lot of torches nasal sound).
The grip is surprising at first because some fingering folklos and especially his rather unstable. But in a few weeks we get to play some songs already!
Only drawback, after nearly a year of use, I admit I still find it hard to play fair! Instability requires constant work pressure and the mouth ... not always easy! To have a beautiful sound it's best to be patient!
But by controlling it well, it's a perfect instrument, just a little limited by its range (1.5 to 2 octaves).