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User Review

a very nice surprise! - Reviews Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12

Amplifying transistor (any analog to what they say)
Power of 60 watts (more than enough for rehearsals and concerts, unless you're already deaf)
Extensive connection 8 ohm output for another HP in 6.5 headphone jack, XLR out symmetrized (not great but a decent quality) and loop effects.
Two channels one clean or crunch (if you push the gain) and distortion found with a common boost (from 9db), reverb and EQ on the master low higt. But for each media channel has its midrange punch individual setting (clean) and grown (distortion), as an individual level
I think I have forgotten nothing


A jack, a guitar, the amp in question and makes noise


Here the most interesting and most important in my ears and I think also for yours party.
It is perfect for my ... my style blues rock, reggae, jazz and hard rock of the bearded man with his beer in hand.
Magic with this amp is that first spark you say "yeah nice but nothing more" very nasal limit drafts (with all the knobs in the middle), but if we try to go further than the button "on "the amp is found effective ultras potentiometers, which will allow her to spend the big fender lens through his marshall vox, but especially the big advantages with these controls is that they will allow you to sculpt your sound. So you go out of a transistor amplifier means, at first with just his beautiful, huge, magical. I have not found any defect for this amp except the first tough game (which is not really an actual default).
It respect the grain of fine guitars and info I'm gibson SG standard.
I play it with a Gibson SG mainly (for info)


I've had a week so I can not guarantee anything about the life of this amp but it seems robust .... very robust, with a very nice finish.
I was there a long time ... the horrible marshall MGDFX (Peace to my soul), I later acquired a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe that sounded beautifully and many other amp I've tried so by the.
I find no real fault is this amp.
Little explanation I bought this amp to win a bet with myself, said earlier I had a fender lamp that sounded the fire god with good pedal ass and a super clear sound, but a tube amp c ' is heavy, neighbors become your worst enemy, it requires a lot of maintenance, it is fragile, the heating time of the lamps and the cooling time it gets really painful in the long run. So I thought why not amps or transistors is lighter, it requires less maintenance, no warm-up time or cooling is less fragile. But the problem is that a transistor amp sounds like its not a lamp but this sentence goes back to 80 years technology has evolved, so I tried a lot of amps or transistors for what is done and I am fall on that famous trademark 60 and I had a favorite, because this amp is a transistor amp but that sounds as good or better than my old lamp (the sound is very accurate), whenever I turn I discover new pleasant surprise.
After I'm saying it sounds better than my old lamp has not the grain of the lamp, but he has another grain just as nice, the only real downsides compared to the lamp that is the dynamic that is small but ample. It combines the qualities of light (except dynamic) that is to say its super hot and all the trimmings and the ergonomics of a transistor.
I would do is choose a great pleasure.
I my only 7 because I do not know that life.
But the best advice that I give to you is to try it (even though it is not easy with this amp) because it is really amazing