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User Review

A slap ... - Reviews Kemper Profiler Head


My back door on the rack and not non amplified version.
I will not detail the characteristics of Kemper because there spend the day. So I'll just talk about specific issues.
A non-standard connectors: Character is the first music device that I use with such completeness connections. Spdif, CLR, Jack and DIN 5 for MIDI, everything is there!
Warning: this is an amp profile and not a simulation type AXE FX
Side effects everything goes base effects: several chorus, delays, reverbs, compressors, stombs, gates, boosters, equalizers ... up a little more rare effects like Harmonizers / Octavers. They are very well made and more are being improved over time. Where appropriate they are stereo. It seems that the kemper departure have been sufficiently oversized to be able to digest a lot of changes without flinching (memory and DSP)


The HMI is perfectible one real point on the PC that does not exist at this time and will make the difference for me between excellent and perfect. The GUI is well designed and only the fact that a variety of functionalities is needed before learning the mastery of the beast. Many knobs with quality diodes are available please whenever adjusting the underlying.
The manual is clear and updated regularly though as always with this type of very complex devices is sometimes short. The Kemper lives and enjoyed many updates that improve the functioning and especially the capacity for the Kemper is not what we can call a device "buggy"


I use a Musicman Luke 2 mainly.

We'll start with what I do not like: the sound in the headphones! this is basic ... yucky, hyper - compressed. However, there is a "space" parameter in the outputs which brings the sound of the acceptable.

For everything else, it's pretty huge, stunning. I will not go into the debate a Mesa Mark V is better than the Mark V Kemper in profile it's pretty obvious. The question is how is it different?
The Kemper has not biting a lamp but approaching much to the point that found gaming experience almost equivalent. Regarding my face are many advantages to this light (I insist) difference.

Price (though) but especially the ability to embed many of these great amps that you want:
- A fenderien clean? not a clean Fender Champ :))
- A very dirty playing neck pickup Marshal JM800 Crunch (my favorite)
- A drive Soldano Solo100 or EVH 5150 for the strongest gains
- A lead Carvin Legacy
... I gives me goosebumps

The price is certainly much lower than all these amps but beware, the audio environment in which it is placed plays a lot on the outcome and especially loyalty to the receiver reference profile.
First the profile: there are thousands available for free on the Kemper site and some are nickels but many are below. The factory amp provided many quality profiles but it pays.

Come in to the amp and speakers. I went through all the steps:
- Kemper + tube amp (4xEL34) + 4x12 cabinet: We find the biting lamps, it grows to death, but you lose the amp reference and especially for my case we find a weight rédibitoire
- Kemper + Amp + 4x12 cabinet GT1000fx Matrix: A little less potato but it's still stunning to the transistor and is then 4kg 15kg less in the rack as the lights :). We found a little amp reference but a little gummed anyway. We do not know really used the kemper cabinets (4x12 V30 overlay to give a meaningless result with few exceptions
- Kemper + + Matrix GT1000fx a pair of FRFR Matrix Q12: In the opinion of many, the top to get the max of the pallette kemper. It is a little early for me to talk because I've had qques days but this is clearly the best set of three. These speakers are also bluffing and sublimate the result of Kemper

So for the top is a conf:
Kemper 1500
GT1000 Matrix 700
2x Matrix Q12 1400
1 MIDI pedal 300?
It is expensive but this is the price of a Bogner Ecstasy (anyway!)


Operating time: 14 months
Overall opinion: I adore. I'm still getting surprised positively capacity and quality of the machine. This is the full splayfooted. Apart from my Luke, any device or instrument music has made me this before effect (coupled to the amplifier chain and baffles Matrix)
The only question for me now is: I spend a day at the rack version?
I can only advise this purchase with the data and constraints given above.
Thank you Mr. Kemper! (Actually we still a PC app worthy of the rest :))

Note: I use in home studio or live.