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User Review

Great sound, but preset management is weak - Reviews Kemper Profiler Head

The Kemper Amp includes most of the effects that a guitarist needs. They are of excellent quality. But the huge advantage is the number of amps available. They were "profiled" in digital and are available for purchase from the machine on the internet for free or paid version. It really sounds like an amp: stunning!


This is where the rub: in the current configuration, the management of its library of sounds can quickly be problematic if you do not put there some method. The Kemper sorely lacking a PC / Mac editor to manage in real time. It should be a matter of time since USB is provided at the rear. But the more time passes, the more we realize that it lacks. The manual is sufficient for someone who is accustomed to multi-effects, but it could be more systematically detailed.
I find the use of the expression pedals twelve o'clock rather limited. They can activate only a few parameters and the range is adjustable only for two of them.
There is a "performance" mode for organizing presets used on stage. But it is disappointing: no way to save the changed in this mode other than as a group presets.
I rated "poor" compared to what the competition is doing editing via PC / Mac and manageability sound libraries ... until the editor so, hoping that addresses these shortcomings.


Flawless: never seen a better copy of tube amps in the "all digital". I have not yet tested in concert. I intend to use it in the same way as the Eleven Rack: live on the mixing desk with a return JAJA (Yamaha DXR10) on stage.


I've had three weeks. Side sounds, it really kicks ass. All amp tones - from clean to distortion, electrical acoustics - everything is there.
But after a week, I had to completely abandon my work and leave on other bases. You really think his library before you start tweaker ... And even when it is well thought out, it takes a crazy energy to manage. Urges the editor!
I score cow hoping that it will boost the team at Kemper to get faster. What worries me is that they have not even provided a beta version, despite their commercial tobacco and the release of several releases. I pledge to put a "excellent" rating when leaving the editor will erase these drawbacks. That said, the sounds are so good that even quoting cow, I can not put less than "good."