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Nothing revolutionary, consistent with the brand's history... - Reviews Line 6 AMPLIFi TT

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I wanted to have a basic multi-effects for headphone listening, since I already have a pedal board connected in the traditional way to a solid-state and a tube amp.

I got a demo through a sales representative of Line 6, who insisted especially on the possibility to be able to slice a song and transcribe it, and to have access to common sample databases. It's more like a computer than an instrument.

It can be used and controlled with a laptop or tablet, android or pc, it already exists via the interface of the hd 500.

I didn't test any similar products, but it seems to me that it has the brand's typical sound, which is quite synthetic. Clean sounds are hardly believable, only special effects (reverb/delay) are usable or good.

With my Dt 770 headphones, the sound seems compressed, deformed, it's better than using a headphone output directly from an amp, but the quality is not enough for me.

Be it the amplifi fx 100 pedal or the amp head or combo (amplifi 75/150), they don't seem to be quality made, the design and connection possibilities are unfortunately not everything in this world!

I'm pretty game, but to be honest, it dissuaded me and I will definitely go for something like the zoom g3 (with a headphone out), which I think will surely provide a better quality!

Its value for money is okay, but it's more of a marketing and commercial hype, and using a neutral system like an amplifi combo with built-in speaker doesn't add much. It's better to stay with a classic system with a real guitar amp even if it colors sound (because at least you like it!).
To play electric guitar with a hi-fi amp, no way!!!