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Yamaha THR10 : Super machine!

Everything has been said, in summary: modeling / simulation solid-state (clean, crunch, lead, Brit Hi, Modern, Bass, Aco, Flat), guitar input, auxiliary, USB (mac, windows, linux but not sniff .. .) headphone. Adjustments gain, master, bass, mid, treeble, effects (chorus or flanger or phaser or tremolo), reverb / delay (delay and reverb-or delay spring or hall), guitar (overall volume), auxiliary volume.
He issued two times 8 watts in stereo expanded. There opportunity to memorize five sounds (all controls except the overall volume or auxiliary). No effects loop (but it is not his calling).
I put 9/10 story nitpick for linux (mac is a unix ca must be worn at lower cost).


Not need the manual, except to know the additional possibilities via USB conection


The I must say I was very surprised: the sounds are great, it's not a tube amp but not only the clear (including the flat position, ie the sound < <direct> >;) And the crunch is very good but, more rare, saturated sounds (rather Hi Brit for modern rhythm and for < <single notes> >;) Do not sound at all transistors. Very good sound effects with just one side a little to my taste trops pronounced for the spring reverb. Four points I was really more:
It very efficient equalization (that's what made me to preferre the THR10 THR5)
-Impressive bass response for such a small amp. The machine possesses an event of SYTEME clearly optimizes.
The volume-general: one can work with the big sound tapping a (very) low volume ;-)
-Guard the identity of guitars


I bought a month ago prices penguin. For now zero worries. I play on usuelement tube amps (Mesa, ENGL in particular) is the first time I get to work on a saturated sounds solid state amp! ~ 300E is not given but I do not regret my purchase at all!