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Practice - Reviews Fishman Aura Acoustic Imaging Pedal - Dreadnought

Pedal connected to recreate images of his guitar, that is to say, after a search for your model (or corresponding) guitar in a database, we download 16 images that allow each reproduce sound your guitar in front of a microphone. This microphone may be different brand and placed near or far from the rose.
The pedal is then used to mix a picture with either piezo or microphone rose.
We must insist on the term "Image" because its got only be done with the right guitar model (or equivalent); there is no simulation of guitar.


Once selected and transferred to the pedal images, use is very simple since it selects 16 images by turning a dial.
The mixture of the piezo and the selected image allows to compress sound like what happens in the body of your guitar.


It is suitable for all styles.
Choosing the right image (the right microphone in the right place) is a matter of taste.


This is better than a gimmick but this pedal will be useful only on stage or at home if you're a fan of home studio recording. It is clear that a good guitar is copied with a real microphone in studio.