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User Review

Mooer micro preamp 009 -ENGL Blackmore review - Reviews Mooer 009 Blacknight

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
The Mooer micro preamp 009 -ENGL Blackmore is a great preamp! The cleans are fuller than most and the Hi Gain channel is articulate and bright. I compaired it to my AMT Elect E-1 (ENGL Fireball -JFET preamp) and found it to be very dynamic. Awsome value. I got more chord clarity from the AMT but the Mooer was brighter & w/ 2 channels. I boosted them both w/ a TS7 Tube Screamer and it lit it up. Solos are nice and present in the mix and harmonics are abundant. The mids can be cut heavy w/o an extra eq I found! m/ Classic Brutal ENGL tone! Can be used to turn a good amp into an entirely diff sounding amp thru the FX loop return.