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User Review

macfizz's review - Rocktron Prophesy

It is a complete pramp trs. It combines some pramp and some multi-effects. Part pramp given the choice between 4 types of pramp: Clean, Crunch, and british mega distortion. The Multi-effects is comprehensive and flexible in pre-preamp with a compressor, wah-wah (of good quality and effect of your choice. Then 4 pramp post-effects and reverb and mix. The possibility to assign the ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) of any paramettre prophesy offers unlimited possibilities. The ADSR can also get an auto-wah of the most beautiful effect. The the effects of good quality trs trs own dynamic trs.
The transition between effects are clean and no latency. The patch factory is almost all usable as is.


The use can be quite simple because you can use the factory sounds to enter games. However, using thorough and much more complicated. The interface is poorly done, can certainly not ergonomic and simple. The leaflet is provides succinct but clear. We regret the absence of a good soft to PC-based dtition aurra could fill this gap but ...


The sound quality is excellent. The pre-amp allows you to pass sound as clear and Arian in his most wicked metal with all shades in between. The overall sound has a tendency to miss lgre low but allows multiple EQ bearing the problem very easy. There is never a parasite even in the extreme. The integrated effects and mixing part achieves its extremely clean even in cases of high volume and sounds loaded, the system works perfectly HUSH (never larsen involuntary)


This is a great machine, complete, robust and versatile. His only default will its complexity and its price is rather lv. I use it now for 3 years and never made me default.