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Easy and effective chorus and vibrato (Bomb Factory - VOCE CHORUS/VIBRATO)

By AudioArtist, 04/12/2012
As long as you are relatively comfortable with installing plug-ins then it should be a breeze.
You really don't need a manual for this plug-in, it really is that simple!
It's a one knob style interface so that's what you get, one knob and it's right there, so yep it's definitely easily accessible!


I've been using it for 6 or 7 years now and I've never really had any issues with it. If you want to use 2 or more instances though you need to make sure your computer is up to the task, this plug-in is fairly CPU hungry for such a simple plug-in.
I have not tried using this one outside of Pro-Tools so you may have other performance problems or not when used with other DAWs.


The thing that I like most about this plug-in is the vibrato, the thing I like least is the chorus. I think that the vibrato function is alot more clean and realistic compared to a high end external stompbox model than the chorus is. The chorus always seems to become a little thin which is an understandable issue yet this plug-in just isn't rich enough while using it's chorus modes. The Vibrato functions sound much more lush and don't color/thin the sound quite as much.
If you got this plug-in with a Bomb-Factory bundle or for free then the price is right!
I've used several external vibrato and chorus pedals for my guitar rig over the years. I would rate the vibrato function of this plug-in to be just shy of the quality that I've gotten out of a floor model in the past, and obviously much cheaper. The chorus just falls short of my expectations, if you don't have any other chorus plug-ins then use this one; it's not terrible.

Old Analog Phaser with some New Twists (Eventide - Instant Phaser MKII)

By MGR/Brian Johnston, 27/09/2019
Amazing that this plug-in emulates a phaser from 1972, the Eventide Instant Phaser. The algorithm may simulate analog tape flanging from years gone by, but this digital remake sounds both modern and unique in all its qualities. Of course Eventide expanded the phaser’s abilities with various knobs and controls, now called the Instant Phaser Mk II, and its clarity in the mix is truly Eventide. But what makes this plug-in so cool is that it is so different from typical phasers, both in sound and flexibility. The demo I created uses guitar, but there are several drum, voice and bass presets in this plug-in (and it would sound great with synth, as well). Some presets are very subtle, whereas some sound like an angry bullfrog – most I included in the demo seem to sit in the middle with enough dynamics to make the listener take notice.

There are several cool features to this plug-in. Foremost is the Add Age, which means older analog phasers drift further from their marked values, which means an old phaser sounds different from a new one of the same brand/type. You get three different phase-shift types: shallow, deep and wide (smaller vs. bigger sweeps). There are different ways to control the phasing, you can adjust the depth (mix), apply side-chain mixing, and control oscillation, feedback and gain input/out. Fun, fun, fun! Many of the presets in this plug-in sound so good, that I simply demoed those and didn’t even bother with any editing functions.


Classic and Beyond, Flanging technology used by Bowie (Eventide - Instant Flanger MkII Plug-in)

By MGR/Brian Johnston, 28/09/2019
A plug-in based on the 1975 Instant Flanger rackmount, what you’re getting are both classic and unique flanging sounds not found on more modern counterparts. The tones and presets certainly don’t sound like your typical flanger pedal, that’s for certain. What makes a Flanger so useful is that it helps to thicken and widen the stereo field for drums, bass, synth, vocals and guitar. This plug-in certainly has presets for all those instruments, whereas I chose to demonstrate how the Instant Flanger Mk II sounds with a guitar and with several different presets. And with any of the presets you can select one of three different outputs: shallow, deep and wide. Moreover, when manipulating this with the Low Cut control you can add various harmonics behind a sound.

As with any good Flanger you can control the Depth (mix) and Feedback of the flange, but there are several other nice features with this plug-in. First, the bouncing effect of this plug-in accurately mimics how a tape machine reacts to manual manipulation of the flange (pressing and letting go). Second, you can control manually the Comb effect, besides defining the Oscillation rate. Third, the Envelope Follower drives the flanging based on the signal’s amplitude. Fourth, you can control the intensity of the flange by cutting (or adding) low frequencies. And fifth, the Remote function maps the flanging control to a mod wheel so that you can make adjustment on the fly. If you play and record into/from a DAW, this plug-in certainly will challenge any flange pedal on the market and should be considered.


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