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PreSonus Monitor Station v2 Review

Control and Routing There's not much to choose from in the "advanced" desktop monitor controller world ─ meaning controllers that are more than just a volume knob ─ for about $300: Mackie and PreSonus, with their Big Knob and Monitor Station, respectively, have been competing for the market for some years now. So, when one of them updated its controller, we wanted to have a closer look... read more…

User reviews on Monitor Controller products

Fantastic piece of gear (SPL - MTC)

By essexnexus, 13/10/2014
I purchased this second-hand as an upgrade to my monitoring chain from my Mackie Big Knob. Buying it used, along with the money I got from the salie of the big knob, made this a fantastic purchase.

One thing that I truly loved and became accustomed to on the Big Knob was the 'dim knob' feature. With it, my workflow drastically improved. After long hours, I can help avoid fatigue by monitoring with my PMCs while using the dim knob feature in order to hear bass perfectly, even at low volumes. This key feature of the big knob was a must-have for me, and drastically narrowed my options for a higher end monitoring controller. SPL was one of the few controllers that made the cut and, ultimately, sold me.

Another feature I was aware of yet had little experience with until making this purchase was the Latency Free Cue Mix feature for tracking musicians. It's an extremely easy-to-use future that blends the musicians' track and the track mix with one knob, making it easy to accentuate the ideal blend for your tastes.

The build quality is truly top, with a robust and druable feel to the knobs. They truly addressed every possible feature. Everything is labled upside-down on the back so you can easily read it while peering over the top :) . It comes complete with talk back, talkback remote switch, slave output, and headphone out.

One potential negative (or positive, depending on how you look at it), is the fact that the MTC doesn't use speaker trims. This is a negative because you have to use the trims on your monitors in order to properly set levels (which can get tricky). The positive spin to having to do this is that it helps the SPL dispense with additional circuitry in order to keep everything to a minimal sound path, maintaining a higher sound quality. Once it's all set up, the sound quality is fantastic.

The only other negative I could complain about is perhaps some scratchiness to a few of the switches and one knob. As mine came used, I don't know if this is a typical issue or unique to my specific unit. Regardless, I'm very impressed with the overall quality and ergonomics of the MTC. While I enjoyed the Big Knob, this was an upgrade that truly left me with no regrets. Highly recommend.

Simple install-insert between the loudspeakers (TC Electronic - Level Pilot)

By AudioAssange, 15/07/2015
A simple but very helpful tool for passive, balanced levelling of any analogue stereo monitor step.
Simply install/insert between the existing loudspeaker wiring and then you are ready to go.
Nice QP rating.
An appealing and high-quality technical solution for many applications.
Features: balanced quad-core cable with Bourns pot,
Connectors: 2x female / 2x male XLR
Ground surface: rubberised "slip free"
Selection: Off - 0 dB

You can't smell, see or taste it (which is all as expected), yet you can't do without it (PreSonus - Monitor Station 2)

By Trantor, 24/11/2016
Acheté en avril 2015, pour 275 euros neuf chez nos amis allemands, je vois que l'engin à augmenté de presque 100 euros...

Qu'en dire? Le test d'audiofanzine décrit tout ce qu'il y a dire sur les fonctionnalités de l'appareil.

En usage quotidien, c'est le genre d'équipement qui se fait oublier totalement.
Il n'induit aucune coloration, souffle, buzz perceptible à mes oreilles.
Il reçoit le son de mon interface Tascam AH7000, branchée à une table de mixage par ses entrées lignes, à une boite à rythme par le spdif et à l'ordinateur par l'usb. Il renvoit le tout soit vers des enceintes des sono (via la table de mixage), des moniteurs ou une chaîne hifi. Je m'en sers pour tout: soit quand on joue avec le groupe, pour injecter la boite à rythme, ou des backing-tracks; soit pour une musique d'ambiance dans le jardin; soit pour l'écoute de nos enregistrements sur les moniteurs; soit pour de l'écoute HI FI.

La prise en main est intuitive, le bouton de volume n'influence pas la qualité du son, et il me semble que l'envoi en simultané vers les trois sorties non plus, mais c'est moins facile à dire vu le mix donné par les 3 paires de HP.
Les boutons qui s'illuminent sur le destination ou la source sont un vrai plus, on sait toujours d'un coup d'oeil ou on en est.

Les amplis casques font bien le taf, je n'ai jamais du les pousser sur mon AKG K271. Je l'ai fait une fois sur un enregistrement très faible et il y avait un souffle, mais je n'ai pas poussé pour savoir si le souffle venait de l'ampli casque ou de la console.

Un petit bemol sur le règlage de niveau des sorties à l'arrière: c'est pas facile d'accès et le bouton est ridiculement petit. On est sensé ne plus y toucher une fois le règlage fait mais pour règler, c'est vraiment du chipotage.

A refaire? A 275 euros, oui, certainement. A 370 euros (prix ce 11/11/2015), j'aurais hésité avec le Mackie Big Knob, mais tout compte fait, comme je suis pleinement satisfait du produit, s'il tombait en panne, je reprendrais le même...
Je ne mets pas 5 étoiles à cause des trim pot de volume des sorties à l'arrière...

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Published on 04/07/16
On his home ground, German manufacturer Palmer presents its new Monicon L Passive Monitor Controller.

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