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User Review

Buzbuzz's review - Behringer MINIMON MON800

I read the opinion shared before buying and I wanted even when I make my own opinion.

I had many a small device like this because I had more than enough to unplug the headphones, reconnect monitos, etc etc ...

When the dballe we feel that it is light, it's all plastic. AC adapter PSE heavier than the MON800. THE FIRST printing when the hand is really not flateuse, the mini knobs move on their axis, when you shake it seems that there is a piece of stuck inside. Bof

Right after you plug a single track on Jack and the others cinch, I have everything prfr homogne, but ... it comes and puts it on and the drama. breath of the sailing you want to ...

the compromise is to send a max of level between the seen and the meter has led wriggles a bit, but it is not gnreux.

Okay so c'tait again I would say to her on a tight budget makes good service, but the quality is paid for and unfortunately we are here for money and no more.

Too bad.