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User Review

Very good, very practical - Reviews Palmer Monicon

I received the Palmer Monicon yesterday. Time to redo a tad wiring (and the household at the same time ...) behind the desk and presto, it works.

I will not retest Los Teignos course, but I can confirm everything noted on this occasion:
- The object is heavy and stable, do not worry;
- Quality of workmanship is very good and inspires confidence;
- Test before / after OK, no audible sound coloration, there has probably not seen the principle of operation;
- With a pair of speakers with power and volume control on the back, it makes my life much more galley to control the volume fader of the operating system of the card (the Fireface 800 has no physical volume control on the front output and I do not have a mixer). In addition, the knob of Monicon is broad and flexible and allows fine control.

I have not tried other before buying, I trusted the AF test ...

I like everything, because I do not have additional functions.

The price / quality ratio is very good for me given the build quality, I would do without this choice problem.