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User reviews on Monitor/Speaker Amplifier products

Good, but with a very short life span (Alesis - RA-150)

By ovni612, 02/12/2014
The right channel gave up on me after only one year. Luckily for me, the reseller replaced it for me even though I had no warranty anymore... It had expired some days earlier!
But one year later the problems came back: Crackles and signal dropouts, both on the right and left channels. Very annoying for monitoring and listening.
It seems to be a well-known issue of this product, which the resellers tend to keep to themselves...
Despite its good audio quality, I advice you against it!
I would certainly not buy it again.
I would go for some active monitor speakers.

300w per channel power amp (dB Technologies - MPA204)

By radiobomb, 02/02/2015
300w per channel 1u rackmount 2ch poweramp. Silent [no fan] operation, very little background noise even when at full level. A good monitor amp, no fuss, better than the behringer equivalent, but not as good as the top brands. Reliable, and does not overheat.

stereo monitoring power amp (Quad Hifi - 303)

By radiobomb, 02/02/2015
Excellent stereo power amp from Quad [UK hifi big players], which pioneered power amp design for hifi . This unit has no controls. no volume, no eqs, no input selector, ... just what you need - stereo in [on a mini 5-pin din], and speaker bare-wire terminal pair out, plus a proprietory power lead.
Fast and punchy, this heavy brick of a power amp is a hifi/monitoring legend from the '80s and '90's, and delivers a quality of dynamic to rival any amp circuit of equivalent power. Drives all speaker impedences impecably.
Built to last [only capacitors need swaping out after 20-30 yrs, which is cheap to do]
Superb value for money on ebay. Recommended

News Monitor/Speaker Amplifier

[MUSIKMESSE] Drawmer MPA-90 poweramp

Published on 04/06/16
Drawmer is to introduce the MPA-90, a class-D stereo poweramp.

Porter and Davies BC Gigster

Published on 10/18/11

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