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User Review

Not bad. - Reviews Beyerdynamic Virtual Studio

Getting archi simple implementation: drag the dll in the plugins folder.




Plug-in arch easy to use, USE ONLY THE headphone: it simulates the headphone, I insist, 4 sound environments: shower mixer, inside 205GTI tuned, Environment 5.1 (this one, I did not really included), and large concert hall.

Way, the headphone, I insist, you can have a vague idea of ​​how your mixes sound in different configurations.

So it is unrealistic to believe that any process like this is going to be perfect perfect, but the simulation is sufficiently convincing the studio to be useful, and allow me to continue writing and pre-mixer with headphones. In the medium, it worked very well for me. For bass and treble, which is as if I had another pair of speakers.

However, do not expect to be paid finely your mixes, your reverbs, your cuts, your EQ etc ... This is an indication, not a reproduction of the acoustic space in which you're familiar.

Free, convincing enough, nice stereo image removed Agassant side of the spatial sound to headphones, I recommend it.