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User Review

How not? - Reviews IK Multimedia ARC

I took advantage of promotions for 15 years this summer IK Multimedia ARC to purchase Sytem (the sudden I had the T-RackS 3 Deluxe and Miroslav Philhamonik gift, roughly € 240 to receive the equivalent of € 900 plug ...). I had already taken a number of discussions in forums about it, and I wanted to make my own opinion, so it was definitely an opportunity!
No problem with the installation, the software is very stable, I use it almost exclusively now through AudioHijack patch that allows the main output directly with the plug (the coup all I hear out the treatment), so much more convenient than the IK should provide with their system! And again, it avoids the bouncer and forget to disable the plug!
The manual (English) offers different types of configuration, you look to find one that most closely matches your situation.


I work on a Mac with Apogee Duet in sound card that comes on Prodipe Pro Ribbon 8. I mix in my living room (before the move) and the speakers are fairly close to the corners, so I had many problems especially for bass.
The plug is terrible in this configuration, I made a mix recently and it's simple: my best mix (I've heard in many places, no surprises, everything is what I heard at home) and it took me less than an hour for a 4min song (hard rock genre) while I was putting a lot of time before and was corrected regularly each replay. I hear very well the problems of my old mixes, and it sure makes you want to redo everything ...
On professional productions means new details, we understand better how it was done, it makes you want to listen to all his favorite bands! Even if the sound is less flattering, you feel like the sound "right".


This sense of "fairness", or "truth" is for me one of the huge advantages that makes the ARC system needed: you work with a clear conscience, you greatly improve your workflow, you improve the quality of your productions. ..
The Arc system is no substitute can not be a true room correction, but it can already be aware of the real defects of your place of listening, and is still a solution for those who do not have access to that room correction . For Home Studios is a real solution that I recommend to all.
The price is reasonable, it saves on buying high-end speakers that would not solve your acoustical problems, I intended to buy Focal, I'm glad I purchased the Arc System, I rediscovered my speakers and it was not they who were really concerned (although I still dream of Focal and I plan a real acoustic correction coming soon).
Skip it, do not listen to the skeptics who have never tried the product, go for it you will not regret it!
This is probably the material for home studio I would recommend first to anyone now.