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User Review

Maximum quality at a price ... Maximum! - Reviews Lava Cable Ultramafic

Value For Money : Poor
I bought these Ultramafic cable length 4.5 meters to replace my ProCo Defender Excalibur and I used input and output pedalboard. Both ProCo 6 meters were my "references" in the cable run. To talk about price, I bought it a few years ago (2007 I think) for 60 € (Excalbur) and 90 € (Defender). Well for some additional € uros it are largely buried!

For technical specifications, I invite you to watch the Lava Cable's official website, very complete. These cables are high-end, features are at the top (silver solder, silver cable, low capacitance).

The section of these Lava cables is very important. This means that you lose some flexibility, although it is not bad either. They are equipped with jacks connectors that look strong. The violet color is very nice.

I use my two Ultramafic to connect my guitar to my pedalboard and my pedalboard my amp. My pedalboard is equipped Georges cables L's, which even if they are certainly not be at the Ultramafic represent approximately 1 meter cable. The influence on the sound should be rather limited since the quality of these is not bad at all.

The first time, I thought my amp was an adjustment problem. The highs were much more present with my ex-Proco. In the end, the highs are much more present, finer, more detailed and the output level is a little more important. The cable does not add to the sound frequencies, it simply just more faithfully recreate the signal generated by the guitar, period! And with these Ultramafic is really ideal. The guitar sounds like it should sound, period!

In conclusion, these cables are of incredible quality. Despite a high price (109 € in 4.5 meters), it is the best that I have ever heard. There is even a more high-end model from Lava Cable with "Van den Hul" series but the prices really are sky high. Furthermore, I was advised against Vovox brand because too smooth and compressed ... (says a seller of Pigalle store. I said that it was a huh ^^ music store).

If you have a great amp and a great guitar, you really should try these Ultramafic ... You should be conquered.