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User Review

As its name suggests ... It's MONSTER! - Reviews Monster Studio Pro 1000 Instrument Cable

I now use it for 1 year, however I had problems with my old instrument, which had a connection problem in taking Jack, having no problems with my other cables I have seen in the time, it was the MONSTER cables disfonctionnait my old reviews on this site were all just not good, I apologize in advance to users, it allows me to return to "the opinion of the past" .

Therefore I shall give a further notice with a new look at the issue of Monster Cable, who will join the previous majority opinion in this product. For the record, these are the cables used on stage (a priori), or at least in the studio by Messrs McCartney and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, to name a few.

The ones I have are the pro studio 1000, I played with it before RAPCO HORIZON made in USA, distributed by Mexico. Good for these cables (which I keep in reserve), but MONSTER arrive well above RAPCO and all FENDER CUSTOM SHOP or YELLOW CABLE CABLE, made the test you'll see!

I will not dwell on the question of the reliability of these cables are reliable, it does not matter the conditions, except of course in a humid environment or in the rain, what appears to be obvious, it seems much to say, because these cables are deemed "good life" by the manufacturer, unless you break them, or leave them lying anyhow and anywhere.

Here is my opinion in the form of + and -:

+ = Robustness cable
+ = Robustness of the cable terminations
+ = Inner strength, the jack of pvc molded, protecting components.
+ = Special interior and alloys, operating completely within the volume of the signal. The signal is almost up, he suffered a slight "boost"
+ = Retains a clear signal, do not color the sound is clean or dirty depending on your configuration, but it is clear, accurate!

- = Stiffness of the cables, you can not store them as simple audio cable "Yellow Cable" type will require that you follow the correct winding wires. Take time to store, you can not cram into a bag like that, it's not possible.
- = Can not be transported in a material type or junior ranks Pedaltrain Nano, you faudre the large model or a backpack, or a flycase / softcase.
- = Cables are quite thick (the diameter of the stem of a wine glass to locate the thing you), but a priori does not damage the jack on your instrument (even that of a mustang!) I says.
- = More sensitive to electronic problems than any other cable (as I happen before), so you have to play with reliable 100% of your guitar equipment, your amp, through chaining your pedals. For my part, I only use one pedal, so no worries.

Finally, I decided to give notice after a éssai made with a new new instrument to realize in the end that these cables had no problems, so mea culpa on my part.

I do it again this choice?

Yes, but trying another brand model just to see if the negative points raised are still present, including extreme sensitivity to electronic problems.

TIP for the road: (! Not a fleece blanket) well respected winding the cables, and store in a pocket tissue itself or fly away in a bag Pedaltrain really like to keep carefully, safe from moisture, dry. There are certainly a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, but we must take very carefully. Therefore they are almost perfect, so the excellent material.