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User Review

What can we do to swallow marketing coup - Reviews Monster Cable Guitare Rock J/j Coude 20.30cm

Value For Money : Excellent
10 years of use unfortunately. So I'll be a little hasty and radical but these cables are not worth Tripette. And that at that time I was starting out and I thought I needed the stuff that supposedly Slash, Joe Perry and company were using. Yeah, must believe the pros; they experience them, etc ... What a mistake! I'm sure I got rid of very good pedal because it does not distinguishable in the mix because of those damn cables m§ @ & *! I discovered almost by accident by selling my guitar ESP Eclipse I was disappointed to purchase a Gibson USA Standard (what a gem!) That its all my fault and without clarity or dark terrain were not my guitar or my belongings but those damn cables which sold over a fortune (they unsuspecting guys). This is actually gradually removing my patch Planet Waves cables one by one I realized how a simple cable chow sound. Then try I bought the Mogami 2524 cable by the meter (you'll laugh) at ... € 3.20 meter with Neutrik jacks on website (very serious and fast seller) that I weld myself. I thought at worst it will not cost me much to try. Race results, I quickly sold my Monster Cable cables (sorry to say) to ignorant fans who go too much hassle to ask why their sound is awful. So again Monster Cable is not worth half the price they charge. It's a shame Marketing World Company avoid emergency. I finally rediscovered how sounds a delay or reverb in an effects loop (I'm ashamed to say) but it's true. So, I had to say because it seems to me essential to be aware of these simple things that greatly improve your sound without breaking the bank.