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User Review

moosers's review - Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable

The Planet Waves Classic Series 10 Foot Instrument Cable is a simple cable that I use at home for my electric guitar rig. I recently picked up a few of these just to have a few extra 1/4" cables around. Planet Waves is a company that I wholeheartedly trust when it comes to cables and the like as they make top quality gear that is guaranteed for life. While this cable isn't on par with their gold plated cables, the Classic Series cables offers up a much more wallet friendly price while still maintaining a high quality cable. They make these both with and without a right angle I believe, and the ones that I have do indeed have the right angle, which is good for what I'm using them for as it makes it easy to plug into a pedal and doesn't take up any unnecessary space, which is especially nice in a pedal board setting. For cables of this price, I really don't think that you could beat these cables. While they might not be as sturdy feeling as Planet Waves top tier cables, the fact that they only cost a fraction of the price and are still of this quality is very impressive. I don't know how Planet Waves lifetime guarantee really works as I've never needed to take them up on the offer. If I did though, it's nice to know that I could. The gold plated cables aren't unreasonably priced for the quality, but something like that isn't always necessary if you're just working from home and/or practicing. So if you need a few 1/4" instrument cables and don't want to spend too much money on gold plated cables, or simply don't need then, the Planet Waves Classic Series 10 Foot Instrument Cable are definitley the best bang for your buck that I was able to find.