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User Review

Hi-tech and convenient! - Reviews Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Instrument Cable

I compared it to my three jacks "first prize" that I have that I have been a guitar player since 13 years ago. These three jacks still work even if they had one or two times a touch solder.
I do not believe in these jacks with gold plated plug thingy thingy, but I decided to let myself be tempted by one of those famous jack just to see if the legend say true, and especially I told my jacks have 13 years, ca can not hurt me than buying a new one.
It is equipped with a circuit breaker that I find very convenient because of a simple click, it avoids the noise by connecting and disconnecting the jack.
J am just used to cut the volume rather than cut the volume knob.
Concretely and I said my words for I use the same jacks for 13 years.
A significant improvement in the clarity of sound, a slight improvement of the definition, better treble returned, and it seemed to me that a volume equal with the jack planet wave sound was louder.
I had no need to buy jack but I do not regret my purchase, it is quality, current technology allows for better sound transmission, it must be recognized.
Now do not think it's going to dramatically change your sound ..
on the other hand when we see the effect that a jack that provides the sound quality, it becomes tempting to rewire his guitar with all the cable quality.
I find the current jacks very expensive, it costed me 32 euros, I paid my age al jacks between 60 and 80 francs, and they always work.
While the planet wave is a bit better, especially on clarity, not much but it's understood if you use the same gear for a while.
I put 9 because it is not bent.
I would do this choice because it not a jack of interest to me last 3000 years.