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User Review

My favorite! - Reviews Sommer Cable Red Zilk

However, I was the first to say my debut "pay expensive cable, it's stupid. Interest No, they are all equal, blah." So here I am very surprised!

Over time so I went cables:
- Low-end (€ 2.44) "PRO SNAKE" (cuckoo Thomann), I found cheap but totally doing their job and suited me for a non-pro use.

- Medium range (€ 12.90) "Fender Custom Shop" black tweed (yes, aesthetics matter to me, I admit ..), which I was particularly disappointed. Not that they are bad or poor workmanship. But it is at this moment that I realized the importance of the cable, so the sound was great difference compared to my old cables. In short, give it a lot more. But I found very "slammed" but "neutral" .. Thing I did not feel with the Pro Snake. Anyway, probably more suited to a U.S. Strat .. In the end I used my Pro Snake rather than one. So for the price of pro 5fois Snake huh well thank you!

- Medium range (€ 14.60) "WHIRLWIND CONNECT" in red and black tweed, the convincing argument was "15 years guarantee" shown at the time of purchase. Slightly thicker than the Fender custom.
Its jacks are unscrewed, one has access to welds, and it is very clean, there is a sheath over. Sound more "warm", less "fade" in my ears I do not know how to explain it with words, try to understand it!
Anyway, my period tweed just fade (bawi, that take the dust and it's annoying to clean)

- Premium (€ 17.50 but I saw that it was increased to more than € 20 ..) Sommer Cable Red Zilk!
Yes I put them in the high end bracket, because I was asked to try "Monster Cable Rock" sound level and it pleased me greatly. J'pensais have found THE cable. Worse when I saw the price, I decided to drop the snow .. While browsing on the internet I came across the Red Zilk. Ben good at this price, why not.
Slightly thinner than Monster and less rigid. The right jack is a little big compared to my previous cables (but compared to Monster, this is a toss up) with a ring signed Rzk the angled jack is genial "pancake" type thing (yes this is the first Once I have), also signed Rzk back.

Anyway, I like Rammstein, but not enough to buy anything for the signature of guitarist (like the infamous string stamped RZK), but then this cable is really become my reference, in just 1 month. And I think I did not change before long!

Lessons Learned:
- The price is not a sign of quality.
- The difference in a cable to another is heard!

I never imagined that a cable can change the sound at this point, and what is done.

Only time will give me time to see my notes. (Knowing that prices where they are, it's still a very good buy, compared to Monster ..)