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FL Studio 20.7 custom overlay for Mackie Control Universal


I own a Mackie Control Universal controller (first version) that I use with FL Studio for a while. I wanted to have a dedicated overlay with FLS functions, so I made a deal with Taktility ( - who already offer overlays for several devices as BC2000 and X-Touch compact) : I sent him to Germany by mail an original spare plastic overlay for this MCU, he created the corresponding Adobe Illustrator file that I used to make my design with functions assigned to each button. Sent back the Illustrator file and he crafted the overlay I received this week.
You can see on the photos the quality of the result, thumbs up to Daniel Hesse from Taktility who did this for me!
It means that if you own the MCU MkI and want to have a dedicated overlay, you can order (it's around 15 EUR + shipment).

And with latest 20.7 FL Studio release, bringing MIDI scripting features, the magic of customized buttons appears!
From MCU factory settings, impossible to show/hide the mixer (F9 function). Thanks to scripting, I assigned the Free2, Free3 and Free4 buttons to F9, F10 and F11 FL Studio options. You can see the 3 icons on the overlay, for mixer, MIDI options and File Options.

If you like the idea and the overlay, just ask me or Daniel at Taktility, we will share your the Illustrator file so you can design your custom overlay, in line with your MIDI scripting decisions, and order it to Taktility.

I hope you will be inspired from what I did,

Nota: you can also see on one picture the twin BCF2000 controlling my Berhinger XR18 via OSIMidi software (
It works fantastic and I control all my stuff from HW controllers wearing adequate overlays :-)
2 more pictures of these:

Hi very nice! I'm going to buy a MCU mk1 and your post have really helped me! Very good idea! Thanks