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User reviews on Moving Head products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Studio Due - Excess 700)

By Audiofanzine FR, 13/10/2008
(Originally written by spot00/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

How long have you been using it?
2 years

Which feature do you like the most / the least?
+ Very good lighting efficiency
+ Impressive wide beam
+ 2 gobos and color wheels
- The plastic housing doesn't look good...
- ... and it isn't sturdy enough! 2 major breakdowns in 2 years (ballast and broken lens).
Did you try any of other models before buying this one?
Yes: Mac 500 VL2500 Elite Servospot...
but my budget and a reduced price decided otherwise...

How would you rate its value for money?
With one breakdown per year, I cannot be optimistic. But the lighting efficiency and the wide beam...

Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?
I don't think so. I would buy a Robe.

To summarize: very good performance but with exasperating defects.

Not sure why Chauvet priced this one so high (Chauvet - Intimidator Spot LED 150)

By JimboSpins, 26/10/2012
The Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 is a lighting system with automatic movement. It cost just under 400 dollars and provide solid high quality lighting to your venue. The lights on the Spot LED 150 are very bright, it uses a 25w LED. Setting up the Spot LED 150 was quick and easy, it weighs less than 10 pounds.
You can easily program the Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150, the sound activated feature is a feature that you just set and let it do what it does. You don’t and will not even have to touch it after you set it. Being that the Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 is 400 dollars, I wish it had some more features to it though, it is just a spot light LED but if you pay 400 a piece for these units then it can get expensive if you need to get a few of them for your live shows.
The Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 is not even a big light, it is pretty small but provides enough of a spot light on the dance floor. It is less than a foot tall and only about a half a foot wide. I wish you could get at least two of these for that price. I was using this light at a venue on the other side of town, I thought about purchasing one but then changed my mind because I just don’t think it is a good bang for your buck. There are so many different LED set ups out that are better and cheaper than the Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 is. Chauvet makes some really good stage and club lights but I am not sure why they put this one at this price when they have other lighting systems that they make that are cheaper and much better.

Surperb moving head scanners (Robe Lighting - Spot 150 XT)

By DJKnightfever, 09/10/2013
I baught four of these second hand in december 2012 for £800 the lot in mint condition so I got a great bargain as they are more than double that new and they have easily paid for them selves already, Customers always compliment me on my light shows and ask me things like "How much did they cost? I bet they where expensive" Very few mobile Disco's out there have moving heads of this quality the only down side is the crazy cost of the fixings if you want to hang them from a gantry because they are £50 a set for one light just to clamp them and because they only have the Robe own special quick clamp fixings and no threaded bolt holes you cant use any alternative I woud have given them a 10 out of 10 if it wasn't for that.

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