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Look no further this is it! - Reviews Benrod Electro Wave Box

This is a pedal vibrato / tremolo. It is fully analog and has a good set of editing parameters, 6 settings: LEVEL DRY / WET, ATTACK, RANGE, DEPTH, SPEED + 1 switch 'MODE'. A red LED flashes according to the speed and also allows to visualize the rate of "attack" by a molten visual effect.
Designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in France with selected components, internal wiring Mogami, sturdy aluminum housing brand Hammond, true bypass. Powered by 9V power supply or battery-type sector Boss, this is not a "bouffeuse" batteries, it is rare enough to report.
It is mono, one input, one output. Beautiful yellow and orange colors, screen printing features black, conspicuous, good choice of font classic character, which changes some pedals with exotic tastes when you need a PharmD to decipher the functions ...
However, do not forget your Phillips screwdriver. In the pile (pun two balls!) Effect is only accessible at the price of removing the four screws on the bottom of the case. At least your plate cheap plastic battery compartment does not barrera after three rpeter here, nothing but métaaaaaaal! the connector is not one of those kind of soft merdouille found on most models of trade, I know you know what I mean, who has not cursed neglect designs economy facing a 9 volt battery and literally tearing tearing a connector 1 euro cent just before a concert! here, do not worry: a good solid well rigid connector. It is in these small details that are considered attention to the production and respect for the user.
For my part, I added some foam to that already present, so that the battery does not move a micron in the case, but I confess, my Father, I am a manic hair ...


The config is simple when you understand what are the functions reference. Just the grind for an hour to take the finesse. With the Wave box is "who can do more can do less", it has access to a very good vintage tremolo as an old Fender, but also the most radical experiments! initially, I chose as my Fender Sidekick Reverb 65 is not equipped with tremolo and I can not do without this setting ...
Wave box is fun and effective and that's what we love about music, right? She in turn shows very subtle or completely uncompromising, but every time, whether in the almost imperceptible or pervasive, the effect is very beautiful sound and is very musical, in the sense that it alter the sound without altering its intrinsic qualities and that all this is exploitable in the context of a group pieces (what a mix!).
Editing is easy, but we certainly regret not having memory to save its settings and call them up on the fly, as the soundscapes offered are varied. However, do not forget that this is an analog pedal and digital has certainly badly educated us ... and yeah, a strat, a twin reverb or a minimoog have no memory and it does not prevent us so far to play! the charm of the analog is also the constraints that we definitely get better (and less lazy).


Those who want a simple tremolo pedal to instantly find their happiness, and it is likely that the range of adjustment available to encourage them to go further in millimeter sound sculpture and completely controlled. Found no breath and adjusting the level allows a bypass in the same volume and in fact started: not bad thought, it avoids jumps surprising volume and my faith very unpleasant.
We will therefore lightweight, fade and slow the abrupt, extremely fast and very jerky (or finely chopped), through all imaginable shades. Everything is controllable, but good surprises.
In this pedal, I love it!
If you want to know more about her, go to the site and read Benrod test benches available on the web I do not pretend to rewrite what has already been said, and certainly better than I could do !


I use it for a few months and I plug in my effects loop. I have not tried many other things like that, but after all, it is this one I wanted: the best is the enemy of the good. Today, I just do not understand to play without it surprising when you consider what a tremolo, but that's ... try it and see. The value for money is very good when you realize that the quality at a price. How many times have we all bought "stuff" that we were disappointing and we finally sold it after having found, forgotten and gathering dust in a corner of the garage ...
Congratulations to transition to Benrod team, which proves once again that France has talented people who know how sustainable innovative, beautiful things, and hold a candle to the upper face major international brands. Here, the quality "made in France" has nothing to envy the "Made in USA"!
Whether its bright and clear with reverb for a typical rock'n'roll made 50, to a more radical surfing effect, or added to a monstrous fuzz to anxiety fade as manic fan of the Cramps ( Ivy, we love you!!), or in the most acidic psychedelia (not like sweets, but you certainly me included), this pedal is a rare versatility. It certainly opens the sound and musical perspectives of any guitarist, without the fuss and is a real source of inspiration, in the sense that it will allow you to go in directions that you might not have thought to go without his help. But it is not that the definition of a good effect?