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User Review

KirKill's review - MXR JHM3 - Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Univibe

Univibe Hendrix signed by MXR limited series for the 70th anniversary of "Voodoo child"
1 volume, 1 deph, 1 speed
1 switch vibe (vibrato, chorus)
9v power supply
Pedal True Bypass
Aesthetically pedal fucks, gorgeous mouth




I will say that I was especially super excited at first, then after that disappointment was quickly ... the effect is good, but there is a but .... it lacks "character" is like camembert President and artisanal cheese which ... It is happening everywhere, not generous enough in the swing, the analog side which gives this super hot chorus is not flowing well enough now, there is more right and a little cold, plastic limit, OK I exaggerate a little ... I think it's really stupid because it already that Univibe too short streets, and when there is not a slap, shame


€ 139 for the price, it makes the Univibe the cheapest on the market if I compare to € 280 Fulltone, T-Rex 319 €, 166 € Voodo lab and found Mojo 300 €, Lovepedal is irrelevant since it is a gadget ... its competitor would live longer Voodo lab and frankly the MXR has more setting option and it is true bypass so immediately the voodo it is already far
For a small Univibe I say yes, for pure fans after this is the Mojo but there will have to align the tickets ... This is the same range