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User Review

Not far from flawless. - Reviews MXR JHM3 - Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Univibe

Analog Univibe with classic controls (volume, intensity and speed) and the ability to switch vibrato. The highlight here is the compact size (type MXR Phase 90 but lighter). It has a true bypass switch with silent enough.

For cons, I think the hendrix illustration is not necessarily successful (especially the choice of colors).


There is a sound quickly.

Note that:

- The intensity will be set at least half, if not in position to obtain maximum contrast (zero, there is no effect at all)
- Running speed is not a model for progression from the third cycle is fast (unusable from ¾), so it is quite difficult to find exactly its setting in this small third Univibe fashion, on the other hand, vibrato mode, it is convenient
- The volume control can boost the level to get a tiny crunch, which is magic for the effect to take its full extent, and in any case, it seems to me that this is typical of a good Univibe, set to noon, the effect is completely at your original signal

Dunlop offers some basic settings modeled on pieces of Hendrix.


Before describing the effect, it should be noted that as soon as we switched the pedal, the sound becomes brighter. Take the test by adjusting the intensity to zero and the volume to half. The tone lightens considerably and adds frequencies which, when exacerbated by the effect will not be pleasant, even strident. I noticed this phenomenon with all possible configs: its clear, crunch or saturated with microphones single, double or assets.

For the effect itself, Univibe mode is quite believable (except for the highlight). The magnitude of the modulation is quite exceptional means all the good race "oooouuuuuaaaaaaiiiiii." This is contrast and deep.

Mode vibrato effect is obtained typical vintage that works very well with arpeggios for example. In any case, the effect is more pronounced on agreements.


I bought this pedal in Michenaud Christmas (which, incidentally, are competent and friendly), I tested for 1 week and then I made one for you ...!

I am a faithful Dunlop / MXR and I wanted to replace my FULLTONE Already Mini Vibe by this newcomer to the catalog that seemed miraculous.

Conclusion: FULLTONE is constant and very musical: it works perfectly on a clean channel as a gain ultra DUNLOP where this makes a clear, shrill and disappears in a saturated channel.

I carefully made my tests are clear: the Mini Vibe is already on the throne of univibes. I have owned and tested many models (VOODOO LAB, Lovepedal, T-REX ...) and my conclusion remains the same.

I'm a fan of Philip Sayce and I'd still well tested one day Megavibe KR MUSICAL.