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Excellent Univibe Cheap - Reviews MXR JHM3 - Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Univibe

In the series is the fact that I'm into the most Wha and the fuzz can find more and use octavia is too narrow. This Univibe unbeatable price concurence well filled his office with his classic settings. A report that amplitue varies depending on the output level of microphones, we will have a more or less pronounced and in some cases you have to play the intensity knob. I agree with the previous opinion on race speed knob is not quite progressive. The volume itself is perfect. Please note a true bypass if not true that here, the pedal tends to obscure the direct sound, not unpleasant any time.


By default it is chorus, mini switch impractical to switch vibrato. If the chorus effect is relatively close to the signal issue vibrato tone mode on the treble boost, so you have the tuner amp, yet the results will be very different depending on the voicing of the amp ... Personal I play Peavey DB that does not lack bass but a fender that can be a pb


I love plain or with a slight crunch and distortion even with the vibrato I committed off!


For me I did not put 300 euros in a single effect which moreover is not essential, however since I I can not stop to use it in all its forms and with strat we get a les paul sound out of the ordinary or chorus or phaser or wah vibrato or a mix of a bit of everything here.