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[NAMM] Analog Outfitters The Scanner

Analog Outfitters improved a vibrato scanner and reverb tank from old Hammond organs and created The Scanner.

The Scanner features original components taken from unvalued Hammond organs and improved them to offer user better control over the effects.

The vibrato section received a new motor that allows for varying the vibrato speed. In use, the incoming audio signal enter a delay signal which produces 9 phase-shifted copies of it. These signals are then sent to capacitative plates inside the scanner and a rotating armature captures the signals to produce the vibrato.

Behind the scanner, that you can see behind a plexiglass, Analog Outfitters installed a reverb tank which signal can be mixed with the vibrato effect.

The manufacturer also added a footswitch so that you can select the signal you wish to hear: dry, reverb only, vibrato only or both;

The Scanner also includes a 1/4” input with switchable pad, an XLR line input and output, an attenuator on the output and a 1/4” TRS input to connect an expression pedal.

Details of The Scanner are available at