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User Review


Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
This is one of the best effects units i have in my collection it has 500 sound patches 250 can be edited and shaped to your liking what i find interesting about this unit is the unique pitchshifters and harmonizers it has, the distortions and overdrives are pretty good to and includes all other effects from delays to flangers tremolo and all the rest i bought mine with the foot control which is great for switching from sound to sounds ,i believe oberheim only ever made 2 different type of guitar multi effects as they are mostly known for synth making this gm1000 was made in italy when the Tom Oberheim company went bust in 1985-1988 the company was then bought by gibson then later viscount international an Italian digital organ producer ,these units are now rare as hen's teeth but if you can find one go for it but their not that cheap around £700.00 with foot control but ive seen them cheaper without foot control but no doubt the price of these will increase with time