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User Review

I recommend it - Reviews TC Electronic M-One XL

The best place for this audio processor is a rack, its versatility makes it an irreproachable tool.


Used as an S/PDIF DAC, this M One integrates perfectly in an AES3 digital processing chain made up of a DEQ2496 and a DCX2496 for the amps.
It's very intuitive to use, even more so thanks to the display and the synopsis of the functions. The background noise is almost inaudible, the controls are well thought-out, the knobs may seem fragile, but they aren't. The control panel and the housing are very nice, it features XLR and RCA for audio, but also MIDI ports and a jack for external control.


The different choice of reverbs, echoes, limiters, expanders, compressors are of very high quality, which makes them usable in most cases. It has a bypass, to make it transparent.


This processor proves to be very effective in use. Don't forget that effects are like the dressing for salads, they shouldn't be more important than the main ingredients.
To sum it up, it's a hardware unit with an extremely good performance and a very affordable price tag.