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User Review

Pretty Clean Sound - Reviews Zoom 1202

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
Bought this to replace the Alesis PicoVerb I have been using for a couple of years. Was not entirely happy with that unit (one of the 1/4" pots was making noise when jiggled). And the plates and Chorus/reverb sounds were just ok. Fine for a small studio, church, or gig. After using a G2 Zoom pedal for my guitar and reading reviews of the legendary Zoom rack from back in the 1990 years, I decided to try this 1202 Rack made by Zoom. Although the Chorus/Reverb/Plates etc. are a bit wet, they are CLEAN compared to the Alesis. Pot tuners are very sensitive also, so dialing in to your preference is pretty good. I use this in a small room with my DAW for keys, drum module, computer and 12 channel mixer inputs. Unit seems cheaply built (bottom of product line) but got it less than $50 bucks. Well worth it. Still testing...have not tried it for mics or guitars yet.