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User reviews on Multi-Pair Cable products

Audiofanzine FR's review (The Sssnake - SPP8030)

By Audiofanzine FR, 15/03/2009
(Originally written by Bibzo/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I used this multicore last night for the first and last time at a live event I recorded with my PreSonus Firepod sound card.

At the end of the gig I wanted to unplug the multicore and one of the jacks got stuck in my sound card...

Result: my sound card has a metal part stuck in it and I can't remove it. I will have to open the card and unsolder the Neutrik combo connector to replace it. What a nightmare!!!

This multicore made in China might be cheap but if you have to buy a new sound card each time you use it...

FYI, I tested every single one of the combo inputs with a Planet Waves jack without a problem. So I'm sure that the the multicore is the issue here (and it's more than evident when you look at the jacks).

I give it a 0/10!!!

I wanted to save money buying a Chinese product and it was a lousy deal...

moosers's review (Hosa - SH 12X4 Pro Conex Snake)

By moosers, 29/06/2010
Hosa's SH 12x4 Pro Conex Snake is a simple connection box designed for use in the recording studio or for a live sound reinforcement rig. I've used this in a recording studio where we ran this through the wall into the live room from our control room. This is in one of the smaller studios on site, so we don't need all that many connections in between the live room and the control room. I don't know if this comes in multiple lengths, but the one that we've got is a 100 foot one, even though we don't need nearly that much slack. If you are going to use this in the recording studio, I'd recommend going with a shorter one if they do have one, as this length is really designed for using this in a live setting. The connections that this has include eight XLR inputs and four dual 1/4" and XLR inputs, the latter of which are 1/4" on the opposite end. I do believe that the Pro Conex series of snakes comes in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to get any number of different connections on a snake like this if you aren't interested in this exact make up. Hosa in general does really good work with their snakes and cables, and there is no exception here with this snake. It's built very well and should last a pretty long time, especially if you're using it within the confines of a recording studio and not for live sound. All of the jacks on both ends are definitely made of good quality, as you can just feel it when you plug something into it. The 'snake' portion of the cable is tightly wrapped and shouldn't get in the way too much. The Hosa SH 12x4 Pro Conex Snake is a very solid snake that should do the job as well as any other...

Good, standard snake cables (Hosa - CRA803 Octo RCA / RCA 3m)

By themaddog, 07/10/2011
The Hosa CRA803 is an audio snake with 8 individual cable connections in a 3 meter long length. The connections are available as RCA-RCA, or 1/4"-RCA. In either case, the cables are unbalanced, which means the shorter the cable length that's being run, the better. These snakes are a good choice for connecting mixers to Tascam and Fostex reel to reel multitrack recorders because they are cost-effective, fairly rugged, and have the proper connections. Generally, the user will want to set up the snakes to and from the mixer to the reel to reel recorder and leave it set. The less the cables are moved around, the less likely they are to suffer from disruptions in the signal.

Each channel is color coded to avoid confusion. For a 16 track recorder, four of these will be required for all of the necessary ins and outs.

These cables are readily available as the "low-end" snake from Guitar Center and Daddy's Junky Music. I've never had one fail on me, and if you own equipment requiring unbalanced cables, there is really little need to run a "higher quality" cable unless it is being run over very long lengths. Generally, the shorter the cable (under 10 feet) when running unbalanced cable the better.

If you need cables quickly, Hosa is a great choice. But, if you want to save money on a cable that is of comparable quality, I recommend Pulsar Tech's cables from I haven't had any issues with my Pulsar Tech cables and I first bought them about six or seven years ago.

With any type of cabling, especially unbalanced lines, avoid as much electronic interference as possible by locating them away from power lines. And just to reiterate, the shorter the cable length, the better.

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Hosa Technology's Mexico Deal

Published on 02/23/09
Hosa Technology has granted IMCI of Mexico distribution rights to Hosa and Da-Cappo products in Mexico.

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