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MusicMan Classic Stingray 4 Mini-Review

Classic and Timeless Today's review is dedicated to a master piece and a living legend — a totem in electric bass guitar history. read more…

User reviews on Music Man StingRay products

Ernie Ball Stingray 5 (Music Man - StingRay 5)

By MGR/OlsenDP, 08/03/2003
Purchased this used by way of EBay for $900 delivered to my door with case. I tried one of these in a music store and just had to add one to my arsenel.

Even though it was "used" it smelled and looked new. I love the smell of a new guitar...even better than that of a new car! I really liked the feel of the neck and balance of this guitar. It had a more mellow voice than that of the Warwicks I own. It has an even level, volume wise, from string to string. Lovely color and gloss finish. Also love the ability to adjust the truss rod without having to remove any cover!

Not a damn thang! Even has a drop in battery compartment. She's a keeper!

Although "USED" it looked and felt new. Not a scratch or mark on it. flawless construction and finish. The knobs have a "solid" detent that allows for a great feel when adjusting the 3 band EQ. I'm almost afraid to take her out and subject her to the venues I play in.

I will keep her as a family heir loom. One great guitar and shows that Made in the USA still can be a good thing.

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Music Man Stingray 4 (3eq) (Music Man - StingRay 4)

By MGR/alex verlander, 01/06/2003
i purchased this bass guitar from rimmers home of music, leyland, england. it cost £1030

the playability was unreal. slapping wasy ace!!!

the pole pieces on the pickup went rusty after 6weeks, and the neck seemed untreated as it was filthy after 6 weeks!


biggest mistake i ever made! i went from a fender pbass (mexican) to a music man stingray simply because id heard so much about them and when i played it the in shop i was satisfied! then i got to know it and disliked it! i have now just traded it in for a fender usa precision bass with a maple neck and this is so much better! however, it cost me the musicman stingray and £115 for the usa pbass. so in truth, i paid £1145 for an £880 bass guitar! but i had to have it!

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Music Man Stingray 5 (Music Man - StingRay 5)

By MGR/Mark S, 29/03/2004
Second hand purchase, Parks Music, Western Australia, $2000 (approx $1400 US).
I went in looking for prices on a 2x10 or 4x10 box and walked out with this. Wasn't looking or even thinking of buying a 5 string Stingray - yes wanted a Musicman, yes wanted a 5 string. Tried it and had to own it.

what can you say? It's a Musicman :)

The neck: As a 5 string this neck plays better than many 4 string basses that I've owned/tried and after a few minutes it felt like I'd played this bass for years.
I'm not much in to slap/pop playing but a fellow bass player (who owns pre EB Stingray and Sabre basses) picked it up and was straight in to his funky "Louis Johnston" riffs and delivered high praise for the neck (and an offer to buy the bass - cheeky bugger)

The sound: truely awe inspiring! Even on my practice amp (a 60 watt Berhinger) it boggies. Through Labsystem, Hartke and Marshall amps it delivers solid lowdown punch, the relativly long scale neck give the low B "extra" string usable tone and clarity

It packes a lot of bottom end and the actives give it useable bright (and some times excessive) top end.

Though a chorus unit you get an A1 deluxe tone for just about any style of music that grooves.

excesive boost on treble produces too much sharp "stabbing" top end, roll it back, use with care or pull it in with compression and/or deep chorus

Lack of usable middle range tone meens it doesn't "sing" like say a rickenbacker does. So if you're after a more front and center rock & pop oriented bass sound (Beatles/Who) it maybe not your number one choice.

Body weight's a little light and it (the body) vibrates excessivly. Doesn't feel as solid/stiff as one would expect for a top of the line unit like this (see below).

Almost but not quite A1, a high B+ or a straight A maybe. I guess this bass is mid/late 90's and doesn't feel as solid/stiff as the earlier Musicmans. feel & quality is not up there with my Rickenbacker or even Washburn basses.

This all comes down to the body - it just doesn't feel as solid and stiff as it should, when played hard and loud (think "The Clash" punk thrashing) it vibrates enough to cause slight but noticeable intonation changes.

If <insert deity/mythological hero of choice> played bass this would be his stick.
If it weren't for the slight intonation issue when playing extra hard I'd rate it a perfect 5/5

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Music Man Stingray 4 (Music Man - StingRay 4)

By MGR/Augustinas, 27/04/2008
I play the bass for 16 years now in a various bands. Most often I play rock, blues, jazz, funk and sometimes classical music. My favourite genre of music is rock (I like it from 8 ears old).

I bought this Stingray 1 month ago at for 1365 USD.

I like almost everything about it. My bass is transparent gold with maple neck. Very good looking, extremely good rocking sound, awesome slap sound, active electronics (9 V power supply) with treble, middle and bass controllers, which gives you more tonal variations from solid and massive to sharp and high sound.

Unfinished neck. I affraid that it will become dirty after some time :-) Anyway this natural maple is wery nice for my left hand.

Very strong, good done. I think it won't break even cracked to the wall.

It's probably the best bass I've ever had. Since I really like to play rock, Music Man Stingray is right bass for me.

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