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Guitar Pro 6 Review

And the Tab Goes On… Guitar Pro started out as a small tab editor but, as time went by, it soon became an indispensable software for guitar and bass players alike. Now, with the sixth version out, Guitar Pro could actually create a new category of its own. read more…

User reviews on Music notation software products

"Nothing really new, a Gp6 even more bugger and unstable. unacceptable ! (Arobas Music - Guitar Pro 7)

By gwenmollo, 27/07/2017
This is a translation of my french review.

Windows 7 HP Sp1 and Windows 10
Portable Asustek notebook K72jk 4 GB 64 bit

No problems, for authorization.

No worries, on almost GP6, several changes, everything is there, we just have to find them ... and this is the ...

Good points : ;)

[*] Being able to plug his guitar and enjoy the same as that of the tab, with a noise barrier
[*] A real choice when creating a file: instruments, presets, notation ... with the possibility of saving the config
[*] No difference with GP6 regarding the son
The upbeat!
[*] Addition of instruments: mellowtron, Bandoneon, accordion, sitar, bagpipes (...) and 4 rhythm boxes (tr 808 ...)
[*] All Gp6 wire banks included ex officio.
[*] We now have more than 4 presets per track, (unlimited, in any case I have 12 count)
[*] Quick and easy change of effects (measurement ...) in the track
Mixed power RSE and midi in a single song (well at first sight and at a delay)
[*] The fact of being able to turn off the effects for the fact that the raw sound of a bank of sounds
[*] The lock option to secure its files !! With password or not, opening or editing
[*] Open file folder in court is VERY practical
[*] Finally, it is possible to copy / paste the sound parameters of an effect (the settings of a pedal for example)
[*] You can open more than 10 files and close all at once (and the CTRL + W works!). Very handy when there is a 12th of files, one can even apply to all the recording or not.
[*] Equalizing tracks in the "global view" with presets
[*] Volume of the metronome easily accessible
I have tried rider on thunderstorms, (we can change all the tracks at midday or CSR, I do not have the sense of the waves in midday, it makes The Job I even found direct the preset "Storm" for the Rhode
[*] During a midi export, on a good all tracks, Gp6 deleted the first.
[*] Export of stuff (mp3, Flac, Wav, Ogg and Aif) 4 quality level (Bad..Best), export

Still a big mess but now you pay more for it (Avid - Sibelius 8)

By Josh Frei, 09/11/2017
Decade-old bugs not patched, same chaotic layout, still hundreds of plugins to sift through to find a workaround for a bug or a feature that should already be in the core program, the transport is still so rudimentary that it's practically useless, still can't control note velocity when entering notes, no copy and paste in all pop-up menus, Sibelius Sounds library is awful... and to add insult to injury, Avid now forces everyone to license this piece of crap EVERY YEAR. Instead of fixing anything, Avid and its ardent enablers will insist an obvious bug is not bug but how the program works or they're not receiving complaints about that bug or a fix is under consideration or they flatly refuse to fix the bug, and, of course, the old standby "You must be doing something wrong" or "It must be a problem specific to your system." I've heard these lame excuses for years. Such blind arrogance is why this program will remain a bloated piece of crap until Avid finally goes out of business. Hopefully sooner than later.

Service online (Myriad - Harmony Assistant)

By Fretful42, 12/03/2019
Use a Mac. Music writing so-so, extensive manual and videos. Online help if problem encountered is abysmal. Recently asked if doing something wrong or was software issue in importing a file of different format. File was imported with numerous errors. Would not respond to question and when complained, only said “bye”. Comparison to Apple support, which gets a 10, is -0.5. Would not recommend this software. Not first time encountered unhelpful attitude.

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[Musikmesse] Avid announces Sibelius 8

Published on 04/13/15
Avid is about to update its Sibelius music notation software to version 8, a version that you’ll have the opportunity to discover at Musikmesse.

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