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User reviews on Music Stand products

hdd120's review (Stagg - MUS-C5)

By hdd120, 14/07/2007
It just be a bit unnecessary to put a notice on a desk, but ...

Desk very strong and cheap (€ 29 Achte my favorite mag). Too bad there are holes on the table. It leaves the hole when I write!

But nothing to do with other consoles, which are silver and a bar which crosses the width of the table. For that price, do not deprive s'em ...

9 holes for ...

Definitely one of the best folding music stands (König & Meyer - 10811 Deluxe Heavy Duty Folding Music Stand)

By Stormleader, 25/07/2011
The K&M Heavy Duty folding music stand is definitely one of the best out of all of the folding stands out there. But hey, what else do you expect from a stand made in Germany? I have the Silver model, and while it's not as professional looking as the black version, it still looks very nice. Adjustments are made via big thumbscrews, and once you tighten them down the stand isn't going anywhere.

I love how deep and wide it is. You can easy fit three sheets of music side-by-side on it without a problem, and it's deep enough that you can put a pen or something else small on it without the risk of it rolling off. Having total control over the angle of it is awesome as well, and comes in handy quite often. For instance, if you get glare from the lighting you can adjust the stand to minimize it. Quite handy.

The expanding tripod base is pretty much the perfect size. It's wide enough that you don't have to worry about tipping over the stand, but small enough that it isn't taking up a stupid amount of room. The feet have hard plastic tips on them that hold it in place decently well, and protect wooden floors from scratches. The stand is a good bit heavier than others, but it still folds up small enough to fit in a bag easily.

Overall, I can't find any fault in this stand. It is stable, wide enough for three pages, and is built to last a long time. If I absolutely had to change something, it would be that it would have rubberized feet instead of hard plastic. But that's a totally minor issue, definitely not a big enough one to knock it any points. I suggest that next time you are shopping for a music stand you give this K&M stand a look.

Strictly speaking ... (RTX - MSN)

By Jeg Folay, 20/06/2013
Preamble: I crack myself a little comment because it is impossible to get any information about this product: no website for the brand, no information on the sites of musical instruments online, nothing on AF ( before now, what).
Note: This device is also called "Stand RTX Lyre" on certain sites.

It is a device: there is no need for an infinite time to test it. So I tried it at home and in concert.

- It folds well (he returned to music in my bag, so about 50 cm long with a diameter of 4 cm)
- Carrying bag comes,
- It is not very heavy (less than 2 kg I would say)
- Support partitions is large (about 50 cm wide and 30 high) to spread (almost) 3 pages in portrait, it has small rods keeping scores and folds in two movements.

- The bag is lightweight, but it might be expected,
- It's too much of wheels (4) to turn my mind to install or fold, but I think it is the counterpart of the compact form,
- The tubes are small (for the weight and bulk, I guess), suddenly the overall stability is poor, and there is danger of falling scores in the first shock, and / or if the book is too big ,
- Corollary: I think that we should not get too much if you take to keep in one piece.

I was not too convinced by this model that I bought online, without trying it first. In fact, it is equivalent in Hercules I matais (3 times the price at the same time), but no French store not wanting me to order ("Yeah it is the supplier's catalog, but you're sure you want one there? Additionally with this provider, takes at least 4-5 weeks to get it ... You prefer not * my dung number so that not even look like him *? "authentic), I changed my rifle the shoulder.

So, the quality / price is right for a travel desk that folds well and is not too heavy, but I do not have that choice.