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What is the difference between contemporary music and free jazz ? - forum Music Theory

Yeah, I love Monk

Quote: Hard to explain, except tht he brought new possibilities in harmony, like Ravel or Bartok.

When I listen to him, I feel like he didn't have any choice but to play exactly that music. No calculation, nothing artificial, only him playing what he knows he has to play. May sound silly but that's what I most like about his music, there's a real person behind it...And that's a thing I don't feel about bebop for example
There is a word that can make the link between the french version of AF and this thread :


That's just what I can see here...
If it's a post from kloug, it's a call for cliché

AF rule n°127
If I take Reich's link a few posts before, I can hear typical Reich : contemporan architecture with very classical harmony, right ?

Reich is easy listening to me, like Django is in what we strangely call "jazz" (obvious because of improvisation in it, but far from the other main styles).
Because 90% gipsy guitar is common harmonies and cadences (word in english ?), it could be sold next to pop music in our fnacs. See Sanseverino...

Contemporan music may be very close to classical composition to me, even though there's no melodic instrument in the piece of music. But jazz consantly try to break the rules, no ? (contemporan guys do the same, dammit)
But rules (and limits) are something we have if we close our mind to other uncommon rules. Like Kermit, I have trouble with some kinds of music, but that's not especially jazz, I'd rather say music that never follow a common rule we can find in mainstream music.
When I have trouble with that kind of music (Miles Davis is an example), I try to listen it as an experience, not like a commonly built piece of music. If I try, I won't get the point and appreciate the shit.
It's the same with contemporan, if I don't understand it, I try to listen it as if it wasn't music, but a listenable phenomen... Sorry I'm OT ! :oops:

And actually I find common points instead of differences... Muhaha. But I wasn't the first to talk about boring shit, that IS off-topic. :mdr:

Hi I'm Richard!

New to this forum, I'm nuts about music!

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contemporary music is very usual, while Jazz is very low profile and light music.

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