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What is the difference between contemporary music and free jazz ? - forum Music Theory

So what ? :bravo:
It reminds me of this :
"Once, it's a mistake. Twice, it's Jazz."

It's totally different : contemporary music is playing noise with musical instruments. Free jazz, is playing noise with musical instruments... But it's jazz :noidea:

(This is a flag)
Intellectual topics by Kloug... I love them ! :bravo:
Not always. :non: Epitaph (by Mingus) was a jazz song wrote for orchestra.…tch?v=S86WzxIbolw
The style :8)

The name :8)

etc... :8)

There's a lot of things you'll never make in jazz, and its free from any other styles, so you can call it contemporary music. :noidea:
If it's ugly and boring, it's contemporary music.
If it's just boring, it's jazz

Quote: If it's ugly and boring, it's contemporary music.

I don't agree : this is contemporary music, and it's totally :aime: ... But maybe it's the exception that confirms the rules :noidea:
If it doesn't have improvisation then it isn't jazz in my book. it's just contemporary classicial music, or comtemporary whatever. jazz needs improvisation.

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