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How important is music theory for your learning?

Hey guys.....

i need your feed backs as to how important is musical theory is to study and understand to develop a good practical attempt of music compositions...Need your feed back...

Jenny Jobs
Financial Reviewer
No one will ever agree on an answer to that question. There are those who feel music theory is essential and those who think it just hinders creativity. I personally think it's very useful, but i know that a lot of great music has been made without there being an ounce of (conscious)music theory involved.
Musical Theory plays an important role for learning and improvising musical skills by following that into practice.
I think it depend on what you want, there are lots of things you can do without music theory but to my mind you will be soon restricted.
Ok, well first of all, i think that if you need to ask that question, you need to look at music theory. my approach to music making is to keep an open mind, try everything and scrap it if it's no use to you. i just learned music theory, scales, chord progressions (basic really!) and i found it an unbelievable help. this was 3 months ago and i have 3 complete productions since then. it only took me 2 days to learn because i had a basic knowledge already from experimentation but i would recommend music theory for dummies. it could be the most inspiring thing you ever do, it certainly built my confidence
I have two things on my mind:

1) If U are a enormous talent, Your songs can sound great with minimum theory knowledge. But if U learn some theory basics U can write/compose even better songs.

2) U can be really good, actually great with theory, Your songs will sound great but they won't have the same power, as if they were written by a talented 'unprofessional'.

My advice, learn basic chord struction & learn it on piano, it's a way better than guitar, but if not possible, guitar will do just fine. Learn how to make 'decoration' chords: sus2, sus4 etc. Most of all, if U are a guitar player, observe popular compositions and try to learn on them.

If U think that U can rally write serious peaces, learning music theory will contribute your talent. I hope this hleps!
I agree you need some theory, but the music I write is always based on the feeling I have. You may not make music, only relying on the theory (but that's my opinion). If you use improvisation (so as for writing songs) you will automatically base yourself on theory you may have never learned, but know by heart.

My advise: learn the basics, and the complement it with the feeling(s) you have. That is, for me, the best way to write music.
I think learning in a sense, that we can motivate with the listening of music, so that it may be the learning for us..
Music theory is a tool for communicating your creativity. If you have a understanding of it then you can communicate with a wider range on musicians in different genres and styles.
Music theory is a tool for communicating your creativity. If you have a understanding of it then you can communicate with a wider range on musicians in different genres and styles.

I totally agree with you on that. Understanding theory and having an ability to read music is really helpful in many genres. Even something basic but important like writing a chord chart requires some theory knowledge. Understanding the rhythmic grid in a DAW requires some as well. Of course, creativity is the most important part of music, but a healthy dose of theory, mixed with that creativity is the recipe for awesome musicianship.

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