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Help for basic music theory (chords, interval, keys, extra tips...)?

Soon I have to do an exam before I can enter college. But the exam isn't that easy, only a 20% (15) max succeeds on that exam. I've already prepared myself for a bit, but I'm afraid I won't make it.. What I have to know is described underneath. The problem lies within the oral exam..

Oral exam:

Recognition of:
- Major and minor chords (ok)
- Interval (I know the names, but do you know any hints for recognizing them easier? I really have problems with this one..)
- And a short 'dictation' (very hard..)

- Play the rhythm on the score (easy, I play percussion)
- Short 'dictation' (easy)

Singing/Reading/Knowledge of key's
- Sing notes by name (only G and F-key) (easy)
- Sing a song from score a Capella (hard! I can do it but very slowly)
- Sing certain intervals (incredibly hard!!!!! any tips?)

Knowledge of staff notation
- Everything (no history or something) (anything you can give is helpful)

That's it. If anyone else has problems with music theory you can always post it here. I'm ready to anwer your questions, I'll check this regularly.
Thanks in advance!
as for singing or recognizing certain intervals, one good way is to associate certain intervals with certain famous melodies. for example the simpsons theme song starts with an ascending tritone. so you should be able, with that in mind,  to sing a tritone from any note. In certain jazz books, they give lists of famous melodies that start with all the different ascending and descending intervals.

Hope that's useful.

p.s. what do you mean about: Quote: :

Knowledge of staff notation - Everything (no history or something) (anything you can give is helpful
Music Theory are very important for music learner.This provides music chords,theory and extra activity.

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